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TrainerTops: Online Training Platform

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How much of your training ends up being used in the workplace? Improve the transfer of training. Make it stick.

Motivate Your Trainees

Create anticipation. Get your trainees involved with the goals of the training. Schedule follow-ups.

Measure Results

Stay up to date with the results of your training. Visualize progress and report outcomes.

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TrainerTops Is the LMS for Training Companies

As a trainer, you have unique e-learning demands. Your trainees are not 'studying' or 'learning', they're training! We created TrainerTops to meet these demands.

TrainerTops is based on Moodle, the world's most widely used learning management system (lms). Only we repurposed Moodle specifically as an online training environment. This means you get all the benefits of using Moodle, which is a rock solid, proven solution, specifically adapted to training companies.

Your trainees can access TrainerTops from anywhere in the world with a computer, tablet or smartphone. It helps you manage training sessions, providing everything from intake forms and attendance reminders to smile sheets. In addition, you can also create your own online courses (a refresher course for instance), add trainees and appoint trainers.

We provide support ranging from a "Get started" workshop to on-site consultancy and an online helpdesk.