What is it?

What do I get?

You can add as many teachers and learners as you like.

When they are logged in and they are using TrainerTops, we call them "users". Concurrent users are all learners who are logged in at a given moment.

Transfer of Training

How do you ensure that your training actually transfers to the workplace?

Using TrainerTops you document the norms or goals for workfloor tasks. These norms are used in tests. Based on the test results, you create an individual learning plan for each trainee.

Outside of the on-site training sessions, TrainerTops lets you offer tips and facts through bulk email or text messages (sms).

Finally, you use the calendar to schedule refresher courses and you send out a reminder email to all learners.

Proving Training Effectiveness

Do your customers increasingly demand accountability for the results of your training?

TrainerTops records data on two levels: on the one hand, we keep track of time spent on each learning activity (e.g. taking an online test). On the other hand, many activities are also scored (either automatically or by the teacher).

TrainerTops immediately shows you the reports right after the testing results come in. You can view reports for each individual learning, but also on several levels of aggregation (e.g. group and course).